Hey… this is my gang. Ready to go to Taman Safari guys… all right.. please action.. I will close you up..

This is holyday, we need to vacation with all neighbour. Please enter into my kijang… no.. no.. it’s not enough please split up…

Pa Wawan use his Timor Car with all his family. And there are three family in my car… that’s enough.. ? ohh good over load for my car.. that is oke, we need vacation.
Pa Herry, please prepare your self.. hey.. don’t forget your baby too.

Sorry Mr. Reymond.. you are not my attendent…

we already on front of the gate… how much money for the ticket.. Pa Wawan please check it out.. come on man, don’t watching the girl…

Pa Herry : My dear, how much money we have ? we need to buy any tickets.
Bu Vina : ???? $#@^!%##@!$#@^

Herry… don’t touch your dick… you wife often to remind you about that.
three lost man in the park.