MOH underground… cool.. i ever see this in my nephew house. his friend bring a view of cd game and one is MOHU, cool… i want borrow the cd, but he said ” i am not pay yet this CD, it is 1,500 rupiahs ” god.. how this so cheap..

Much more children in his house.. i just confuse how his mother not anger about this. His mother is my older sister. I ever to talk about this, and his mother just said “Let them alone, i don’t get it, my TV ever blow up, they play the game non stop”. That’s sick.. non stop playing a game ??? with this all child.. dam.

I fund this CD game last week at Pamulang. How much money Pak ? he said “tiga ribu rupiah”, hhaa.. i got two please… i always play another version in office “MOHA”, exelence, great.. i love much this game.. and not forget for the cheating code.. hehehe.. some day i ever finished this game… and for this version i still in level desert fighting.