JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Culture and Tourism Division Aurora Tambunan reminder to all citizens of Jakarta, both officials and civil servants, private employees, or anyone who lives or activities in Jakarta, to wear batik clothes oneday, Friday ( 2 / 10).

Appeal to wear batik was intended as an expression of joy and pride of the Indonesian people for UNESCO on that day will be confirmed as a batik non object cultural heritage (the world intangible cultural heritage) from Indonesia.

Associated with it, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has instructed prior to all governors in Indonesia in order to encourage its citizens wear batik on October 2, tomorrow.

In Jakarta, said Aurora, Governor Fauzi Bowo has issued an appeal No. 9 Year 2009 on the use of batik clothes on that date.

Aurora say, the certainty about the so-defined as at least batik nonbenda cultural heritage of Indonesia that was new to UNESCO in the trial conducted in Abudhabi, Thursday at 16.00 local time or at around 20:00 pm. However, from the information obtained, it is almost certain that the determination will be made.

As reported, the Indonesian community was angry and furious when he got the information that has been patented Malaysian batik. “Now, batik is recognized by the world body as our own heritage. Period we are not proud?” Aurora said on one occasion.