JAKARTA – A few commercials victim allegedly joined balloon exploded in Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Sunday (4/10/2009) i. Artists are advertising stars telkomsel phone operater.

Stevasnus According to one friend of the victim at the Pertamina Hospital, from 04.00 o’clock about 250 people supporting the telkomsel ad was prepared at the scene.

They then roll roll giant balloons red color symbols indicating the phone opereter start from the Semanggi to Bundaran HI.

Somehow she reached the rubber, or fly over road linking Casablanca, a sudden burst balloon. Not yet clear whether that comes under the bridge or because it was too hot gas balloon when friction with aspalt.

Suddenly a loud explosion sound. Hundreds of supporters of the direct ilan falling. They yell because many erit especially burns on the face, legs and hands.

Victims were taken to several hospitals, including the Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta and RS RS Mintoharjo.

Until now these cases are still under investigation authorities, parties telkomsel itself has not given information about the gas explosion property. Some artists are still lying in these two hospitals. 49 recorded in the RS and RS Pertamina Mintohardo, and 15 people have severe burns lodged.