The nervous and tense feeling made blood vessels narrow and the supply of oxygen to the brain decreased. That that made occasionally someone behaving very strange and illogical during tense. Many strange habits that were carried out to kill tense. When the tense feeling comes, generally the habit that was carried out was to be disappointed or the lip.

The habit like that not the strange matter. Evidently still had the other tense habit that made was stunned. Mary Katharine Gallagher was the normal woman placed his fingers on the previous armpit investigated his armpit smell when the tense feeling came to approach him. “I did not know why I carried him out, this already the habit,” said Gallaghe as being quoted from Jezebel, on Thursday (5/11/2009).

The other strange habit was the habit wore next socks that were done by Molly Shannon. “When tense, I normally wear one sock in foot, and his one again I discarded on the floor,” said Shannon. Not only socks, the strange habit was then carried out when he wore shoes. When one shoe in right him was in foot him, his one still was in the place was separated. Despite strange, but the habit made the feeling of the tension be lost and himself comfortable.

That was more surprising still was the habit of a woman who felt his breasts personally when feeling tense and nervous. “I will at once touch my left chest if the situation began to be tense.” Usually when watching the horror film. By holding breasts, I felt warm and more comfortable, said the woman who did not want to be named by his name.

The nervous and tense feeling could be eliminated with the good respiratory exercise. Moreover, make accustomed drank the pure water that many and listened to music during tense was known could help overcame the feeling.

So, whether your habit in tense time?


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