Having the name that was the same as the famous person ought to become the matter that be proud of. But not for a man from England that was named Harry Potter. His name that was the same as the leading figure of the witch Harry Potter made him live in the pressure and stress.

Harry Potter this one not a witch and had not come to Hogwarts. He only a man was 20 years old from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Had the same name precisely with the leading figure of the famous witch in the film of Harry Potter evidently mebuat his life was shadowed by mockery that made him felt really stress. Potter that was born during 1980 had the life that was calm for 8 years to the end JK Rowling released the novel of Harry Potter and all of them then changed.

“For 12 years, it seems already was not counted again how many friends’s mockery that acknowledged me as the witch,” said Potter as being quoted from Lemondrop, on Wednesday (4/11/2009).

Mockery and the treatment that were obtained by Potter made his life be disrupted and the disorder. According to the Potter acknowledgment, he was the only person in his workplace that might not use his complete name when speaking in the telephone. “If I said the complete name, the client to believed and underestimated me,” he explained.

The life of his love then became very odd. “The first time I went out with a woman, I must show the passport to prove my name was really original,” he said.

The other annoying attitude was the refusal of the bus driver in the place of his office that did not believe his name was Harry Potter and accused him as the swindler. Potter then was not permitted to enter the bus.

Potter days were always filled by mockery from the community to police. And all that because of his name. “Initially, I thought by having the name of Harry Potter could make me more good-looking, but in fact not,” said Potter.

“Now, each one of the person’s times mentioned my name, all of them gave the odd reaction.” Starting from when laughing until having an aggressive attitude, he said. “Occasionally, I thought, if JK Rowling did not use the name that was same for his novel, possibly my life was better,” said Potter. The mother, Tracey Shaw (47 years) had not dreamt the name that was given to his first child to a phenomenon.

“I had not suspected the name of becoming the famous name,” said Shaw. Many people who considered the name that was given by Shaw followed the leading figure Harry Potter in the JK Rowling novel.

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