How measured the characteristics temperamental someone? Through words and the movement of his body then? Evidently had the other method of measuring him, that is by means of glance at sekilas the structure of the face from this person.

Was based on the newest discovery in psychology knowledge, glance at sekilas to the structure of the face someone has been enough to give the picture was as big the level temperamental this person. Beforehand, the grating of the level temperamental was carried out by means of making the comparison between wide and high the face.

The comparison between wide high the face (WHR) was determined by means of measuring the left and right cheek clearance as well as the distance from the upper lip and the middle of the eyebrow. During still childhood, the male child and the woman had the structure of the face that was similar. But after experiencing puberty, the male child will have the WHR value that was bigger than the daughter.

In the research beforehand was known that the male child who had the WHR value big was more temperamental compared with the son that his WHR value was small. For example the player hoki that had the WHR value high received many penalties in the game.

The psychologist Justin M. Carre, Cheryl M. McCormick and Catherine J. Mondloch from Brock University afterwards carried out the trial to see whether could predict the behaviour trend temperamental someone only by seeing the photograph of his face, as being quoted from ScienceDaily, on Wednesday (4/11/2009).

Several participants saw the photograph of the face of several men to determine the behaviour temperamental. On average these participants saw the face in this photograph for 2,000 to 39 milidetik to give the assessment concerning the behaviour temperamental from this face with the scale 1 to 7.

These photographs opened thoughts of participants that the behaviour temperamental really could be connected with the face that was seen, although these participants only saw this picture for 39 milidetik.

His interesting matter was the estimate of these participants had a high correlation with results of the estimate beforehand that used the WHR value where increasingly big WHR then increasingly temperamental.

These results showed that the small or soft difference could in the form of the face influence the assessment of the identity someone. Hoped eventually these results can become the escort someone in responding to the certain individual.

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