If being affected by breasts cancer was better did not have breasts. Such was trend that was mushrooming in AS. A Sociaty woman chose to lift his breasts that still were healthy before being affected by breasts cancer. Although not yet having proof that guaranteed results will be better, but the action has become tren in America. In the study that was published in Journal Cancer it was mentioned that the woman who chose to lift his breasts that still were healthy or were mentioned with contralateral prophylactic mastectomy increasingly increased from 1995 to 2005.

“At this time was gotten by approximately 100 women in New York that carried out this action,” said Dr. Stephen B. Edge, the professor of the operation adn oncology from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York as being quoted from Healthkey, on Wednesday (11/11/2009). Generally the woman who chose to lift his breasts had the story of the family that also had breasts cancer and has been detected positive was affected by the mutation of the gene of breasts cancer (BRCA-1 or BRCA-2).

But according to Edge, that must be known was to not have the guarantee or proof that showed that someone will be healthier by lifting his breasts that were not yet affected by cancer. The “woman who decided to carry out this action must be accompanied by the health consultant,” said Edge. For 11 study years, the researcher found had approximately 5,000 women that did contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. The “amount indeed increased fast, we not want to judged that the action was true or wrong.” But this has become tren that was risky enough.

Very few sides that gave counselling to the woman that the action was risky. They had the possibility 10 until 15 percent were affected by breasts cancer again in the next 20 years, said Edge. Moreover The National Comprehensive Cancer Network that was the centre of the escort and information for cancer then did not have information that was clear about the appointment action of breasts.

A study in 2007 then found the existence fact of the increase in this action, especially to the skinned woman white and the young woman. “We also in fact did not know why this to tren.” Possibly because of the existence of the increase in the awareness of the woman would the genetic risk but also the increase in the technique masektomi in the medical world, said Dr. Todd M. Tuttle, from the University of Minnesota. But with the existence tren this, many women that chose masektomi than did lumpectomy to promote the tumour personally from breasts. “This was very strange.” Is it true that, by carrying out the operation action, recuperation will be faster. It was increasingly fast that the operation, increasingly fast really restoration, but not for breasts cancer, said Todd.

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