Doctors discovered a unique disease in a British woman. Vicki Larrieux (22 years) diagnosed Lachanophobia disease. She can not eat vegetables because it saw it had frightened her, sweating, panic, and his heart skipped a beat.

Vicki Larrieux is 22-year-old student from Portsmouth, England. She admitted very scared with vegetables. Sense of panic and tension may appear immediately if She saw tShe vegetables.

During his life, Larrieux only eat meat, potatoes, cereal or apples. She refused to eat vegetables if given, especially carrots. “Since childhood, I do not like vegetables. Carrots are tShe best vegetables I do not like,” Larrieux says, as quoted Dailymail, Wednesday (11/11/2009).

“TShe more mature, tShe more I realize this is not just not like it.’s Dislike was so scared. Where is it and whenever I see vegetables, I panicked, sweating and my heart skipped a beat,” said Larrieux.

After going to tShe doctor, fear Larrieux on vegetables is indeed a disease called Lachanophobia. Fear is a very rare hit 13 percent of people in the UK. This disease is a psychological disease.

The technique used to treat patients is a technique Lachanophobia ‘Psychological Re-programming’. With this technique, the brain of a Lachanophobia be programmed and controlled to not nervous or panicked when She saw things that they fear.

Phobia disease management can also be done with drugs and in the form of ‘self-help groups’.

Because of illness, Larrieux was forced to supermarket shopping at night. That’s because at night the vegetables are not usually on display again at the front door. “It was so hard it felt as through supermarkets, because many vegetables are placed in front of the door,” said Larrieux.

“Right now I’m trying to learn to fight that fear. I’m sure one day I can recover and can enjoy lots of vegetables,” said Larrieux.

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