Parents of children with hyperactivity (ADHD) in the United States began to experiment with marijuana treatment. Calming effects of cannabis are believed to be able to reduce aggressive behavior children with ADHD.

Parents who use marijuana for treatment of these children dared to publicly oppose the flow of using of marijuana  for autism or ADHD because there is no proof. Controversy over the use of marijuana as medicine children with ADHD were helpers spread spontaneously.

In the state of California, cannabis is the stuff that allowed its use as medicine. Some doctors there now trying to treat children with ADHD or hyperactive children with marijuana.

Marijuana laws in California already allows its use as a medicine since 2004. There are at least 36,000 are reported to a doctor’s prescription to use marijuana as medicine, including to treat hyperactive children or ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperacitivty).

According to Stephen Hinshaw, professor of psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, the use of cannabis as a medicine is very dangerous, especially for children and adolescents.

“Although the impact both for patients with ADHD, but marijuana can damage the brain’s cognitive functions. The active ingredient in marijuana can cause interference to remember,” Hinshaw said as reported by the New York Times, Thursday (26/11/2009).

Until now, the use of marijuana as a drug not yet approved by the Food and Drug Agency or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and no studies that prove really good effects marijuana use to treat ADHD.

But many doctors who believe that the active ingredients contained in amphetamines marijuana, if given in small doses in people with ADHD may produce a better effect, which is more focused. A professor from Harvard Medical School said that marijuana is more effective than other drugs for ADHD.

“I do not think so without hesitation and no matter if you want to give an oral cannabis in people with ADHD because in some cases children with ADHD, marijuana was more effective than other drugs are more dangerous such as Ritalin and Aderall,” explained Professor Lester Grinspoon , a psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, ADHD children have some symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, can not follow the rules, easily disturbed, agitated and restless (hyperactive). As many as 4.5 million children in the U.S. currently reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have ADHD.

A mother who has a child with ADHD even claim that marijuana can cure her son. “My son was diagnosed ADHD at 6 years. He was very hyperactive and difficult to follow the lessons in school. But I decided not to use the drug Ritalin because too many side effects. When he entered high school, I realized he was calm and able to concentrate. Initially I also do not understand, until one day he said that he used marijuana, “said a woman from California.

However, Professor Hinshaw remained curious about the success stories that ADHD patients are successfully cured with marijuana. According to him, there needs to be further investigation to know the other side effects from the use of marijuana as a medicine and need special monitoring if forced to use it.

Meanwhile, Professor Grinspoon also remain optimistic on the stand, marijuana is a drug that is the future that can treat ADHD.

“I think one day, marijuana will be recognized as a drug, especially for ADHD due to side effects that are not toxic,” says Grinspoon.

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