Cases of death from heart attack at a young age becoming more frequent. Whereas previously more heart disease attacking elderly people. Why is now a lot of phenomena to die young because of heart?

As recently experienced young Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of 32 years on December 20, 2009. Maze still cause a heart attack suffered Brittany, there is a suspected overdose, anorexia or pure of heart attacks.

Heart attacks occur due to hardening of the arteries due to the crust stuck. Crust is more and more stacked channels which can clog coronary arteries that cause people to become quickly tired and shortness of breath.

“This new phenomenon caused by the younger generation now that has changed his diet, if you had more people eating high-fiber foods, but young people now prefer to eat fast food. Actually, this phenomenon not only in Indonesia but also other countries such as Japan and China, “said Dr. H. Aulia Sani, SpJP (K) FJCC FIHA when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (23/12/2009).

Aulia further explains Dr. foods such has high cholesterol, fat and salt is very high, so that can make young people already affected by hypertension or cholesterol diseases. Plus the lack of activity or sport of young people this, because more sitting in front of the computer, working on the elevator or just watching television.

Also present generation prefers soft drink consumption compared to drinking water or tea, and sugar content in soft drinks can trigger the high incidence of diabetes is a risk factor of heart disease.

“The risk factors of heart disease there were four of hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. The four things that can trigger heart disease,” said a doctor who practiced at the Hospital Heart Center Harapan Kita, Jakarta.

Have a parent or family with a history of heart disease can indeed contribute, but this genetic factor could have been prevented if these generations have a healthy lifestyle and right.

“But if the younger generation often snacking, sports lazy, sleeping late, so a break and smoke less, then the phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age can happen even faster. Moreover, coupled with school children who are smoking, so the earlier the more risks they smoked big, “said 64-year-old doctor.

Dr Aulia added to avoid the increasingly widespread phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age, the most important thing to do is change the pattern of life (life style modification) with the diligent exercise, consumption of healthy foods rather than fast food, multiply drinking water and not smoking.

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