Google warned to close its operations in China following a cyberattack activity they are called “very sophisticated” and rough. This activity targeting the human rights activists that country. Chairman of Legal Google, David Drummond said Chinese spies in cyberspace always supervise their activities and 20 other companies to track the activities of the Chinese activists around the world.

Google says not long to filter their search engine results and considering to end its operations in the country. “This (cyber espionage) is an attack in cyberspace, a step to restrict freedom of speech in cyberspace. This is what makes us reconsider the feasibility of our business operations in this country,” he said.

In his personal website, Drummond talk further. According to him, “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring search results us,” he said. In the next few weeks it will discuss with the Chinese government about the possibility of whether or not to operate without the filter the search engines. “If not, then we leave.”

Drummond said Google realized that the prosecution against the Chinese government about filtering the internet search engine results may mean having to close its operations in China. Google said it detected a highly sophisticated attacks that are targeted at the corporate infrastructure in mid-December that led to what they called the “theft” of intellectual property. Drummond said the attack came from China. Evidence indicates that the attackers trying to gain access to your Gmail account Chinese human rights activists.

Google believes most of the attack was blocked and only managed a little information, such as the creation date and subject line of successful stolen. At least 20 other large companies including finance, internet, media, technology, and chemical businesses also attacked.

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