Einstein and Mr Bean sitting side by side on a flight.
Einstein invited to play a guessing game.
Einstein: I’ll ask you one question, if you do not know the answer then you pay me only $ 5, and if I do not know the answer, I’ll pay you $ 500.
Einstein’s first question:
What is the distance from Earth to the Moon?
Mr Bean does not say a word, reached into his pocket, pulled out $ 5.
Now, turn to Mr Bean …
He asked to Einstein:

Does that rise to the top of the hill with 3 legs, and will down by 4 feet?
Einstein did the Internet searches, and asked all his friends wrote intelligent.
After an hour searching for an answer … eventually he gave Mr Bean $ 500.
Einstein said, curious to ask:
Well, so what’s up and over the hill with three legs and down with four legs?
Mr Bean reached into his pocket, and gave Einstein $ 5. !!!

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