The thieves often devour the victim’s valuables. Whether it be money, jewelry or goods. However, what would happen if the thief only stole the rice and side dishes?

Villagers Purnama Duri Koto Pasaman District of West Sumatra, an uproar by the action of a thief who devour food at home residents.

Performer stole complete with side dishes of rice and place. Done enjoy his loot, players discard the rice in the village street.

According to residents, similar incidents have occurred since one week. Not only at night, thieves action rice is also done in broad daylight. When the incident the householder is out. Performer entrance by prying the kitchen window.

Arriving at the house to eat and spend the direct perpetrators of a plate of rice and a few pieces of fried chicken.

This bizarre theft not reported to local police officers. Residents consider although quite disturbing but action can still be tolerated criminal perpetrators. For while the alleged perpetrator is a person who wants to find fun sensation. Another alleged thief rice as a condition of a person who was demanding him black magic.