Geisha is a Japanese artist, dancer and singer in the tea rooms, specially educated, dressed with taste, in traditional kimonos, entertains visitors in a every decent way. There’s even special schools with special education for them. As students they used to live in special houses, called Okiyas. Geishas bring money only to Okiya since it’s their living place where they are also studying and Okiya invest in them. Sexual services are offered only once to one man, their master. When master pay for a geisha she has a lifelong commitment to serve him. Geisha was able to enter in this agreement only if she was a virgin. If it happened that she is caught with another man, she would be thrown out from Okiya house and these girls would usually end up as prostitutes.

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Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands since back in the 1815th. In 1996. it began to be taxed. According to statistics, Netherlands has more than 25,000 prostitutes while the half of this number is considered to be illegal immigrants. The largest legal brothel in Europe is in Cologne, Germany,  with a capacity of 120 rooms and as many girls. This brothel is visited by over 1000 people per day.  In this twelve-floor brothel called Pascha, the girls charge 160-180 euros per day. Also, they determine the hours and cost of services by themselves. In Netherlands, public houses have been allowed since October 2000, and prostitutes have rights like all other employees. Owners of brothels must have a clean judicial record. In Germany “Erotic centers” have been allowed since 2001 , in clearly defined districts. Prostitutes and the employer sign a contract. Brothels and “p0*n shops” in Switzerland were legalized in the 1992 , and prostitutes have the same rights as employees.

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