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Velga Vitola from Latvia found this bear abandoned in the forest and brought her to her shack in the thick woods of Ligatne National Park. The cub called Ilzite has grown up as a member of Vitola’s family and treats the woman as her mother.


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Mother dog saved her 10-day-old puppies from a house fire in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile. She picked the pups up in her mouth and moved them from the burning house to the safety of the nearby fire truck.


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Extreme Golf Field


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The Ant

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov creates these marvelous macrophotographs of ants living their life just as some rural dwellers.


Could you imagine living life alongside one of the biggest felines in the world, let’s say a lion? It’s like having a very big domestic cat that eats 10 pounds of meat on a daily basic. All you have to do is remember feeding the giant kitty at regular hours unless you want to be part of it’s meal. Anyway it seems that in the 1970′s, actress and model Tippi Hedren (mother of actress Melanie Griffith) created the Shambala Preserve after producing the film Roar. The preserve rescued exotic big cats living in captivity that had been abused or were in need of help, one of which the family created a close bond with. Neil the lion lived with the family in their home, and played an active role in the day to day activities of the preserve.

neal the lion 15 Sharing Life With a Pet Lion


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Siberian Cat Amur Ezra is the king of the cats!


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