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Dinosaur expert on China said Thursday that the framework of new dinosaur fossils found in Shandong Province, east China, may frame a new spesis a dinosaur.

Framework measuring 1.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, which is found in Zhucheng City, it has been sent to the China Academy of Sciences in Beijing for further research.

New fossils show dinosaurs were smaller berbada and very different from dinosaur fossils found previously, said Zhao Xijin, a dinosaur expert at the China Academy of Sciences.

“That’s probably a new dinosaur and spesis is the greatest invention since wide-scale exploration of the third in January 2008, said Xu Xing, a dinosaur expert at the science academy.

They have discovered a “dinosaur bermoncong duck” measuring 21 meters long, the largest dinosaur ever found in the world, and the discovery of a giant dinosaur skeleton for the first time.

Zhucheng City deserved pride in having the largest dinosaur skeleton fossils in the world.

Before the third excavation in 2008, previously the second-largest excavation ever done in the area in 1964 and 1988.

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Forum Communications Sites conservation Patiayam (FKPSP) Kudus regency, Central Java, trying to get back to Homo erectus skulls, ancient human ever found in that place.

“The fossil skull of Homo erectus were discovered by Dr. Yahdi Yaim, geology researcher Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1979,” said Chairman FKPSP, Suprapto, the Holy Sunday.

He said, the findings of ancient human skull fossil that form a pre-molar tooth under and seven pieces of human skull.

“The existence of these ancient human fossils is not likely, given the Geological Museum no. But we will try to track the search for information by the inventor,” he said.

FKPSP with Department of Culture and Tourism Holy Regency trying to get information that skull presence in Bandung’s Geology Museum.

“Apparently, this was not in the museum, although a pre-molar teeth under and seven pieces of ancient human skull has been reconstructed and the ancient human skull,” he said.

He said, will attempt to track and collect some information existence of Homo erectus skull is to be stored in the Spirit because the findings may raise Patiayam Site name.

In addition, he said, the presence of Homo erectus fossils are also adding a collection of discoveries of human fossils of ancient animals and others.

Previously, he said, had found an ancient fossils 1238 comprising 12 species.

“To get the fossil in its original form is difficult, but we will attempt to even get in shape will replicate,” he said.

While working to bring fossils back to the ancient Holy, but he admitted that Regency had not had a special place to store the findings of these ancient objects.

Section Head of History and Antiquities of Culture and Tourism Office of the Holy Regency, Sancaka Dwi Supani, say, until now did not have Pemkab storage of archaeological objects are representative.

“You should attempt to get storage archaeological objects takes precedence over having to seek the presence of archaeological objects of unknown,” he said.

Without the first representative, he said, the existence of ancient objects were easily damaged because of concern not withstand temperatures that are not regular.

“Treatment of old things is not easy. In addition to the special needs is also required where the air temperature regularly,” he said.

Other findings in the number of sites Patiayam ancient animal bones as Stegodon Trigono Chepalus and Elephas sp (a kind of ancient elephant), Cervus Cervus Zwaani and Lydekkeri Martin (a type of deer), Rhinoceros sondaicus (Rhino), Brachygnatus Dubris Sus (pig), Felis sp (tiger), Bos Palaeoharabau Bubalus (buffalo), Bos Banteng Paleosondicus (bull), and crocodilus sp (crocodile).

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