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iPad wannabe

IPad success in the market makes a lot of companies racing to make tablets of a kind. In fact, electronics manufacturers in China openly imitating these Apple products.

A company based in China has introduced a clone of iPad, named SungWorld. However, the production of tablets that they use the Android operating system. Problem prices, iPad imitation can be purchased at a price between $ 130 up to USD198.

Devices running Android 1.5 has Rockchip RK2808 processor 600MHz, with 7-inch touch screen that also multi-touch, accelerometer also integrated. If Apple has not pinned iPad camera, then another case with the ‘iPad’ made in China are already drowned the camera on the front. While there is storage space for 32GB SD card and battery for five hours.

In addition, SungWorld have sizes 0.55 inch (14mm), to measure weight of 0.33 kg gagdet has a meaning, much lighter than actual iPad

“So, is there a port in this wannabe iPad? With USB of course. Just like a real Android devices, Android applications you can install whatever you want,” he wrote MIC Gadgets, and okezone quotation Tuesday, (20/4/2010 ).

“Built-in Wi-Fi, users can surf the web with a perfect on it. In addition, you get the keyboard on the screen exactly like the real iPad. Although the device is running from a Rockchip RK2808 600MHz processor, but it seems that manufacturers will add the Cortex processor 1GHz-A8 sooner or later, “he continued.

Looks like this as a substitution of existing products in the market so that consumers can have the product, and a very good response from consumers. as an example for china mobile phone products that can be owned by consumers at half the price of the leading mobile phone with the same specifications.

The famous Shanghai court yard

Here, everybody knows each other. And everybody knows everything about each other…
But this court yard is known because of all the action movies with martial arts that are shot in here.