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51-year-old Chinese Man Sun Jifa lost his hand due to a bomb explosion when he was building a bomb for blast fishing. Now he has finally created a new pair of bionic hands after eight years of planning.


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Beach House at New Zealand


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Body Part Jewelry

London-based designer Percy Lau is selling them on Etsy for $24-$42.


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This story happened back in 1993. During his journey across the Sahara Desert Emile Leray got stuck in the middle of it because his vintage Citroen V broke down. So Frenchman Emile Leray… built a motorcycle using his car parts. He dismantled his Citroen, by removing the body, which he then uses as shelter against the sandstorms, fit the wheel arm upside down on a smaller chassis, adding the engine and gearbox in the middle. Several days later he added the battery, gas tan, took his luggage and drove away. Amazing story.


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Survival Uses of a Tampon

10 survival uses of a tampon.


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