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The tallest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest stands as the ultimate monolith to be conquered by climbers willing to pay up to $25,000 for a chance to make it to the top. However, Everest is a dangerous and inhospitable place; At 26,000 feet climbers enter “The Death Zone” where the air is so thin that climbers literally start to slowly die. Instantaneous frostbite is possible and the lack of oxygen makes climbers bewildered and weak. Over 200 climbers who ascended Mount Everest never came down and some of their bodies have been lying on the mountain for over fifty years, but due to the temperature and low oxygen, they have been preserved as grisly markers for other more fortunate climbers. Due to the environment, it is next to impossible to recover these bodies.

bodies of mont everest01 Bodies of the Highest Mountain on Earth

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Have you heard about Japanese “snow monsters”?


Japanese trees covered in snow and rime ice are otherwise known as “snow monsters”. They make winter landscape in mountainous areas of northern Japan look mysterious and unusual. Here are some pictures of these “monsters”.

"Snow Monsters" in Japan

Park under water in Austria

A Phenomenological naturally becomes one of the most beautiful trails in Austria, the funny thing is that within a lake 10 meters deep, for 6 months of the year. Located at the foot of the mountains Hochschwab in Tragoess, Styria Green Lake is one of the strangest phenomena of the natural world. During the cold winter months, this place is almost completely dry, and is used as a park where people love to go to market some time away from Urban Chaos But as soon as temperatures rise the snow and ice that covers the top of the mountains begin to melt, and water poured down, flooding the park with crystal water.

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Crazy Bicycle Riding Adventure

Ride a bike that is not commonly done and too dangerous.

Mount Etna (East coast of Sicily) is the largest active volcano in Europe, currently standing about 3,326 m (10,910 ft) high, though it should be noted that this varies with summit eruptions. The mountain is 21.6 m (71 ft) lower now than it was in 1865.
Etna Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is in an almost constant state of eruption. Although it can occasionally be very destructive, it is not generally regarded as being particularly dangerous, and thousands of people live on its slopes and in the surrounding areas.

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