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The weird thieves

The thieves often devour the victim’s valuables. Whether it be money, jewelry or goods. However, what would happen if the thief only stole the rice and side dishes?

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iPad wannabe

IPad success in the market makes a lot of companies racing to make tablets of a kind. In fact, electronics manufacturers in China openly imitating these Apple products.

A company based in China has introduced a clone of iPad, named SungWorld. However, the production of tablets that they use the Android operating system. Problem prices, iPad imitation can be purchased at a price between $ 130 up to USD198.

Devices running Android 1.5 has Rockchip RK2808 processor 600MHz, with 7-inch touch screen that also multi-touch, accelerometer also integrated. If Apple has not pinned iPad camera, then another case with the ‘iPad’ made in China are already drowned the camera on the front. While there is storage space for 32GB SD card and battery for five hours.

In addition, SungWorld have sizes 0.55 inch (14mm), to measure weight of 0.33 kg gagdet has a meaning, much lighter than actual iPad

“So, is there a port in this wannabe iPad? With USB of course. Just like a real Android devices, Android applications you can install whatever you want,” he wrote MIC Gadgets, and okezone quotation Tuesday, (20/4/2010 ).

“Built-in Wi-Fi, users can surf the web with a perfect on it. In addition, you get the keyboard on the screen exactly like the real iPad. Although the device is running from a Rockchip RK2808 600MHz processor, but it seems that manufacturers will add the Cortex processor 1GHz-A8 sooner or later, “he continued.

Looks like this as a substitution of existing products in the market so that consumers can have the product, and a very good response from consumers. as an example for china mobile phone products that can be owned by consumers at half the price of the leading mobile phone with the same specifications.

Jakarta – Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Simeulue District, NAD, deployed 30 personnel Emergency Unit (Satgana) to the District of South Teupah which is the worst affected areas due to SR 7.2 quake this morning.
“PMI Simeulue District has deployed 30 personnel Satgana there. It has also been increased with approximately 20 members of the Community Based Disaster Alert (Sibat),” said Commander Satgana PMI Irwansyah Simeulue District, in its release to the AFP, Wednesday (7/4/2010) .
Earthquake that occurred at 05:15 hrs this morning could cut off access to communications for several hours. But now the lines of communication are still functioning despite the power outages in some areas there.
The quake had tsunami potential stated before this status revoked at 07:40 hrs. Head of Sub Division Headquarters Center for Disaster Response PMI, Rukman Bai, also added as a new earthquake occurred, reported the number of residents who fled to the hills.
“It’s been a lot of people out there who fled to the hills, perhaps worried about the potential tsunami that could be announced this morning,” said Rukman.
Since the incident, has happened 5 times recorded aftershocks. Intensity only in the range of 5 SR.

Jakarta – indonesia airforce to mobilize one CN-235 aircraft to perform air shooting following a 7.2 Richter earthquake in Aceh. This was done to analyze and collect data of earthquake damage.

“This morning I already report to the commander and had sent one CN-235 aircraft to perform air shooting,” said Air Force Chief Marshal Imam Sufaat rehearsal after HUT TNI-AU to 64 in Lanud Halim, East Jakarta, Wednesday (7/4/2010 ).

Even the Air Force has been alerting the whole plane C-130 Hercules transport at any time if needed as air transport for dropping logsitik in earthquake location.

“We have also alerted the C-130 Hercules aircraft,” explained the priest.

Data Bureau of Meteorology and Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) mentions, the earthquake occurred at 05:15 pm, the earthquake epicenter located at LU 2:33 – 97.02 BT or 75 km southeast of Sinabang, Aceh.

Earthquake occurred at a depth of 34 km and the potential to cause tsunami waves, but tsunami status was later revoked. Aftershocks had occurred five times with lower strength is about SR 5.1.

MONTCOAL, W.Va. – An explosion rocked a remote coal mine with a history of safety problems, killing 12 workers and trapping at least 10 others more than a thousand feet underground in the worst U.S. mine disaster since 2006.

Rescuers were making their way early Tuesday to the area where the miners were believed trapped at Massey Energy Co.‘s sprawling Upper Big Branch mine, where the blast occurred around 3 p.m. Monday, said Kevin Stricklin, an administrator for the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration.
“It’s important for us to try to get to the survivors as quickly as possible,” said Stricklin.
He said officials hoped the miners survived the initial blast and were able to reach airtight chambers stocked with food, water and enough oxygen for them to live for four days. There was some confusion about how many miners were still unaccounted for, which federal officials were trying to straighten out.
At the Marsh Fork Worship Center in nearby Eunice, the church doors stood open and a big sign outside read “Pray for Our Miners.”
“You just feel helpless,” said Toby Hilderbrand, who was waiting for word about his wife’s uncle, Ricky Workman, 51, of Coalcord, who was among the miners that had not been accounted for. “There’s nothing you can do but pray, but at times like this the community really comes together.”
Though the cause of the blast was not known, the operation about 30 miles south of Charleston has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas, safety officials said.
Miners were leaving on a vehicle that takes them in and out of the mine’s long shaft when a crew ahead of them felt a blast of air and went back to investigate, Stricklin said.
They found nine workers, seven of whom were dead. Two others were injured. Early Tuesday, Stricklin raised the death toll to 12.
Benny R. Willingham, 62, who was five weeks away from retiring, was among those killed, said his sister-in-law Sheila Prillaman.
He had mined for 30 years, the last 17 with Massey, and planned to take his wife on a cruise to the Virgin Islands next month, she said.
“Benny was the type — he probably wouldn’t have stayed retired long,” Prillaman said. “He wasn’t much of a homebody.”
Prillaman said family members were angry because they learned of Willingham’s death after reading it on a list Massey posted, instead of being contacted by the company, which said it wouldn’t release names until next of kin were notified.
Officials do not believe that the roof collapsed, but two other crews and a safety inspector who had been working alone were believed trapped about a mile and a half inside the mine.
Stricklin, an administrator for Coal Mine Safety and Health, said 10 miners were trapped. But MSHA director Joe Main said in an interview with The Associated Press that there could be more and officials were trying to sort it out. In a news release, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said 17 miners were missing.
Distraught family members were briefed and taken to a Massey building off-limits to the media.
“We want to assure the families of all the miners we are taking every action possible to locate and rescue those still missing,” Massey CEO Don Blankenship, said in a statement.
Massey Energy, a publicly traded company based in Richmond, Va., has 2.2 billion tons of coal reserves in southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia and Tennessee, according to the company’s Web site. It ranks among the nation’s top five coal producers and is among the industry’s most profitable. It has a spotty safety record.
In the past year, federal inspectors have fined the company more than $382,000 for repeated serious violations involving its ventilation plan and equipment at Upper Big Branch, which is run by subsidiary Performance Coal Co. The violations also cover failing to follow the plan, allowing combustible coal dust to pile up, and having improper firefighting equipment.
The mine has had three other fatalities in the last dozen years. Monday’s blast was the worst U.S. mine disaster since the Sago explosion, also in West Virginia, which also killed 12.
Methane is one of the great dangers of coal mining, and federal records say the Eagle coal seam releases up to 2 million cubic feet of methane gas into the Upper Big Branch mine every 24 hours, which is a large amount, said Dennis O’Dell, health and safety director for the United Mine Workers labor union.
The colorless, odorless gas is often sold to American consumers to heat homes and cook meals. In mines, giant fans are used to keep methane concentrations below certain levels. If concentrations are allowed to build up, the gas can explode with a spark roughly similar to the static charge created by walking across a carpet in winter, as at Sago.
Since Sago, federal and state regulators have required mine operators to store extra oxygen supplies. Upper Big Branch uses containers that can generate about an hour of breathable air, and all miners carry a container on their belts besides the stockpiles inside the mine.
Rescuers trying to reach the trapped miners found evidence that the workers took emergency oxygen supplies from a cache in the mine, Stricklin said. There are two rescue chambers near the blast site and another two a bit farther away.
West Virginia requires all underground mines to have wireless communications and tracking systems designed to survive explosions and other disasters. However, Stricklin said much of the network near the missing men was likely destroyed in the explosion.
Blankenship said the names of the dead and injured would not be released until next-of-kin were notified.
“West Virginians are tough, we will bind together,” said U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, whose district includes where the mine is located.
The mine, which cannot be seen from the road, has 19 openings and roughly 7-foot ceilings. Inside, it’s crisscrossed with railroad tracks used for hauling people and equipment. It is located in a mine-laced swath of Raleigh and Boone counties that is the heart of West Virginia’s coal country.
The seam produced 1.2 million tons of coal in 2009, according to the mine safety agency, and has about 200 employees, most of whom work underground on different shifts.
A bulk of the coal is removed with a machine called a longwall miner that uses a cutting head to move back and forth across the working face somewhat like a 1,000-foot-long deli slicer.
Gov. Joe Manchin was out of town, but planned to come back, according to his office. President Barack Obama spoke Monday night with Manchin to express his condolences and to offer any assistance, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.
In each of the last three years, Massey has had multiple operations cited by MSHA as repeat violators of safety and health rules and ordered to improve their conditions. Upper Big Branch was not one of them.
Last year, the number of miners killed on the job in the U.S. fell for a second straight year to 34, the fewest since officials began keeping records nearly a century ago. That was down from the previous low of 52 in 2008.

Office Google close in China

Google warned to close its operations in China following a cyberattack activity they are called “very sophisticated” and rough. This activity targeting the human rights activists that country. Chairman of Legal Google, David Drummond said Chinese spies in cyberspace always supervise their activities and 20 other companies to track the activities of the Chinese activists around the world.

Google says not long to filter their search engine results and considering to end its operations in the country. “This (cyber espionage) is an attack in cyberspace, a step to restrict freedom of speech in cyberspace. This is what makes us reconsider the feasibility of our business operations in this country,” he said.

In his personal website, Drummond talk further. According to him, “We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring search results us,” he said. In the next few weeks it will discuss with the Chinese government about the possibility of whether or not to operate without the filter the search engines. “If not, then we leave.”

Drummond said Google realized that the prosecution against the Chinese government about filtering the internet search engine results may mean having to close its operations in China. Google said it detected a highly sophisticated attacks that are targeted at the corporate infrastructure in mid-December that led to what they called the “theft” of intellectual property. Drummond said the attack came from China. Evidence indicates that the attackers trying to gain access to your Gmail account Chinese human rights activists.

Google believes most of the attack was blocked and only managed a little information, such as the creation date and subject line of successful stolen. At least 20 other large companies including finance, internet, media, technology, and chemical businesses also attacked.

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Young died of a heart attack


Cases of death from heart attack at a young age becoming more frequent. Whereas previously more heart disease attacking elderly people. Why is now a lot of phenomena to die young because of heart?

As recently experienced young Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of 32 years on December 20, 2009. Maze still cause a heart attack suffered Brittany, there is a suspected overdose, anorexia or pure of heart attacks.

Heart attacks occur due to hardening of the arteries due to the crust stuck. Crust is more and more stacked channels which can clog coronary arteries that cause people to become quickly tired and shortness of breath.

“This new phenomenon caused by the younger generation now that has changed his diet, if you had more people eating high-fiber foods, but young people now prefer to eat fast food. Actually, this phenomenon not only in Indonesia but also other countries such as Japan and China, “said Dr. H. Aulia Sani, SpJP (K) FJCC FIHA when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (23/12/2009).

Aulia further explains Dr. foods such has high cholesterol, fat and salt is very high, so that can make young people already affected by hypertension or cholesterol diseases. Plus the lack of activity or sport of young people this, because more sitting in front of the computer, working on the elevator or just watching television.

Also present generation prefers soft drink consumption compared to drinking water or tea, and sugar content in soft drinks can trigger the high incidence of diabetes is a risk factor of heart disease.

“The risk factors of heart disease there were four of hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. The four things that can trigger heart disease,” said a doctor who practiced at the Hospital Heart Center Harapan Kita, Jakarta.

Have a parent or family with a history of heart disease can indeed contribute, but this genetic factor could have been prevented if these generations have a healthy lifestyle and right.

“But if the younger generation often snacking, sports lazy, sleeping late, so a break and smoke less, then the phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age can happen even faster. Moreover, coupled with school children who are smoking, so the earlier the more risks they smoked big, “said 64-year-old doctor.

Dr Aulia added to avoid the increasingly widespread phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age, the most important thing to do is change the pattern of life (life style modification) with the diligent exercise, consumption of healthy foods rather than fast food, multiply drinking water and not smoking.

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Nail in Head

A pensioner in China hammered a 20cm nail into his own head after being scolded by his wife. Lin, 66, of Yuyi county, southern China’s Fujian province, hammered a nail in his skull when his wife scolded him for gambling again.

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A girl afraid with vegetable

Doctors discovered a unique disease in a British woman. Vicki Larrieux (22 years) diagnosed Lachanophobia disease. She can not eat vegetables because it saw it had frightened her, sweating, panic, and his heart skipped a beat.

Vicki Larrieux is 22-year-old student from Portsmouth, England. She admitted very scared with vegetables. Sense of panic and tension may appear immediately if She saw tShe vegetables.

During his life, Larrieux only eat meat, potatoes, cereal or apples. She refused to eat vegetables if given, especially carrots. “Since childhood, I do not like vegetables. Carrots are tShe best vegetables I do not like,” Larrieux says, as quoted Dailymail, Wednesday (11/11/2009).

“TShe more mature, tShe more I realize this is not just not like it.’s Dislike was so scared. Where is it and whenever I see vegetables, I panicked, sweating and my heart skipped a beat,” said Larrieux.

After going to tShe doctor, fear Larrieux on vegetables is indeed a disease called Lachanophobia. Fear is a very rare hit 13 percent of people in the UK. This disease is a psychological disease.

The technique used to treat patients is a technique Lachanophobia ‘Psychological Re-programming’. With this technique, the brain of a Lachanophobia be programmed and controlled to not nervous or panicked when She saw things that they fear.

Phobia disease management can also be done with drugs and in the form of ‘self-help groups’.

Because of illness, Larrieux was forced to supermarket shopping at night. That’s because at night the vegetables are not usually on display again at the front door. “It was so hard it felt as through supermarkets, because many vegetables are placed in front of the door,” said Larrieux.

“Right now I’m trying to learn to fight that fear. I’m sure one day I can recover and can enjoy lots of vegetables,” said Larrieux.

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Dinosaur expert on China said Thursday that the framework of new dinosaur fossils found in Shandong Province, east China, may frame a new spesis a dinosaur.

Framework measuring 1.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, which is found in Zhucheng City, it has been sent to the China Academy of Sciences in Beijing for further research.

New fossils show dinosaurs were smaller berbada and very different from dinosaur fossils found previously, said Zhao Xijin, a dinosaur expert at the China Academy of Sciences.

“That’s probably a new dinosaur and spesis is the greatest invention since wide-scale exploration of the third in January 2008, said Xu Xing, a dinosaur expert at the science academy.

They have discovered a “dinosaur bermoncong duck” measuring 21 meters long, the largest dinosaur ever found in the world, and the discovery of a giant dinosaur skeleton for the first time.

Zhucheng City deserved pride in having the largest dinosaur skeleton fossils in the world.

Before the third excavation in 2008, previously the second-largest excavation ever done in the area in 1964 and 1988.

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