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Without Photoshop


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Olympic London


Abandoned Mines

Apocalyptic Dubai


With its soaring skyscrapers, ever-green golf courses and even a ski resort, the desert city of Dubai is testament to a determined battle between man and nature.

Yet with the global downturn and mounting debts threatening its future, it is not hard to imagine this sun-seared metropolis being swallowed back up by the surrounding sands as a financial meltdown prompts its wealthy sponsors to leave, followed by the 2million mainly foreign workers depending on them.

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Beautiful Nature


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Child Portraits By Magda Berny


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Honey Collector, Nepal

Honey collectors in Nepal risk their lives
climbing up the high cliffs with bamboo ladders to get the rare honey
from the hives in cliff crevices.


The Ant

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov creates these marvelous macrophotographs of ants living their life just as some rural dwellers.