The heat emitted by the engine burning the bodies in the crematorium able to produce energy for electricity supply. A number of experts from East Sussex, England, doing research to take advantage of the heat.

“Our energy recycling is not from the body, but from pembakarnya machine,” said city council public relations manager, Peter Mead, as quoted from page Telegraph, Tuesday, December 8, 2009.

Peter said, cremation machine requires a very large energy. Therefore, the strategy is important recycling is to save. The energy created will be enabled to generate a generator. “That will be to supply electrical energy,” he said.

Energy recycling at the crematorium has also been initiated by city officials in Taipei, Taiwan. They plan to use the energy from the engine burning the bodies to supply electricity to the engine cooling or air conditioning. However, it is reaping from the public counter.

“I am impressed with the creative idea, but what about the grieving family. It was awful to enjoy the cold AC created by the burning of the bodies his family,” said Chuang Ruei-hsiung, a member of the local council.

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