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Extremely Siberian Winter

 Siberian Winter

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Find Your Car

One of the worst things beside snowy roads and inability to move properly is when snow falls on parkings, and you usually dig out your neighbor’s car instead of yours. These photos show those situations when you go to the parking and ask yourself – Ok, which one is mine? Unfortunately, if you don’t have a warm place, like a garage to hide your car, there’s nothing left to do except remember the exact place where you parked.

find your car01

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Heavy Snow

15 feet of snow covered a village in Romania. I hope they have enough shovels to dig themselves out.


Trapper on snow

Snowmobilers patrolling the forest not far from the city of Umea in the north of Sweden thought they found a wrecked car until they dug it out and saw what was in inside.

There was a car’s driver moving in the car. The man claimed that he had been trapped in the vehicle for about two months, lying in the back seat in the sleeping bag and eating nothing but snow. Police officers said they see no reason to doubt the man’s words. Physicists assume that the driver went into some dormant state similar to bear hibernation and that helped him survive.


Alive after Two Months in a Snow Trap

The process of snow happen

Do you know how the process of snow happen ?

Much snow in outside

So much snow in outside and almost covered the house roof, and where the snow will be removed.