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Hitachi controlled TV

Hitachi Controlled TVThe top video clips of the week are here

Weather reporter then and now

Why the weather reporter not used a men anymore? probably be inaccurate or may not be able to display 3D things  heheheee…

Can you imagine how it feels when eating at this restaurant. certainly not disgusting because food was good just presented in different ways.

Climbing Goats (Ibex)

Goats can climb up and down the cliff was there. Situations and conditions that cause them can do all this. The threat of predators and food shortages caused them to survive by continuing to switch places, though it must be climbed up and down the cliff.

And the chase for the capture of his head and part of the meat. Head goat (Ibex) is sold on the black market behavior with a very high price.

Japanese Fart Prank

Crazy japanese fart prank…. Hahahahaa 😀

Silent Game

Games from Japan that participants should not be laughing from the video in the play, when to laugh, spanking punishment … Hihihi very funny ..