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Young died of a heart attack


Cases of death from heart attack at a young age becoming more frequent. Whereas previously more heart disease attacking elderly people. Why is now a lot of phenomena to die young because of heart?

As recently experienced young Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of 32 years on December 20, 2009. Maze still cause a heart attack suffered Brittany, there is a suspected overdose, anorexia or pure of heart attacks.

Heart attacks occur due to hardening of the arteries due to the crust stuck. Crust is more and more stacked channels which can clog coronary arteries that cause people to become quickly tired and shortness of breath.

“This new phenomenon caused by the younger generation now that has changed his diet, if you had more people eating high-fiber foods, but young people now prefer to eat fast food. Actually, this phenomenon not only in Indonesia but also other countries such as Japan and China, “said Dr. H. Aulia Sani, SpJP (K) FJCC FIHA when contacted detikHealth, Wednesday (23/12/2009).

Aulia further explains Dr. foods such has high cholesterol, fat and salt is very high, so that can make young people already affected by hypertension or cholesterol diseases. Plus the lack of activity or sport of young people this, because more sitting in front of the computer, working on the elevator or just watching television.

Also present generation prefers soft drink consumption compared to drinking water or tea, and sugar content in soft drinks can trigger the high incidence of diabetes is a risk factor of heart disease.

“The risk factors of heart disease there were four of hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. The four things that can trigger heart disease,” said a doctor who practiced at the Hospital Heart Center Harapan Kita, Jakarta.

Have a parent or family with a history of heart disease can indeed contribute, but this genetic factor could have been prevented if these generations have a healthy lifestyle and right.

“But if the younger generation often snacking, sports lazy, sleeping late, so a break and smoke less, then the phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age can happen even faster. Moreover, coupled with school children who are smoking, so the earlier the more risks they smoked big, “said 64-year-old doctor.

Dr Aulia added to avoid the increasingly widespread phenomenon of a heart attack at a young age, the most important thing to do is change the pattern of life (life style modification) with the diligent exercise, consumption of healthy foods rather than fast food, multiply drinking water and not smoking.

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A girl afraid with vegetable

Doctors discovered a unique disease in a British woman. Vicki Larrieux (22 years) diagnosed Lachanophobia disease. She can not eat vegetables because it saw it had frightened her, sweating, panic, and his heart skipped a beat.

Vicki Larrieux is 22-year-old student from Portsmouth, England. She admitted very scared with vegetables. Sense of panic and tension may appear immediately if She saw tShe vegetables.

During his life, Larrieux only eat meat, potatoes, cereal or apples. She refused to eat vegetables if given, especially carrots. “Since childhood, I do not like vegetables. Carrots are tShe best vegetables I do not like,” Larrieux says, as quoted Dailymail, Wednesday (11/11/2009).

“TShe more mature, tShe more I realize this is not just not like it.’s Dislike was so scared. Where is it and whenever I see vegetables, I panicked, sweating and my heart skipped a beat,” said Larrieux.

After going to tShe doctor, fear Larrieux on vegetables is indeed a disease called Lachanophobia. Fear is a very rare hit 13 percent of people in the UK. This disease is a psychological disease.

The technique used to treat patients is a technique Lachanophobia ‘Psychological Re-programming’. With this technique, the brain of a Lachanophobia be programmed and controlled to not nervous or panicked when She saw things that they fear.

Phobia disease management can also be done with drugs and in the form of ‘self-help groups’.

Because of illness, Larrieux was forced to supermarket shopping at night. That’s because at night the vegetables are not usually on display again at the front door. “It was so hard it felt as through supermarkets, because many vegetables are placed in front of the door,” said Larrieux.

“Right now I’m trying to learn to fight that fear. I’m sure one day I can recover and can enjoy lots of vegetables,” said Larrieux.

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If being affected by breasts cancer was better did not have breasts. Such was trend that was mushrooming in AS. A Sociaty woman chose to lift his breasts that still were healthy before being affected by breasts cancer. Although not yet having proof that guaranteed results will be better, but the action has become tren in America. In the study that was published in Journal Cancer it was mentioned that the woman who chose to lift his breasts that still were healthy or were mentioned with contralateral prophylactic mastectomy increasingly increased from 1995 to 2005.

“At this time was gotten by approximately 100 women in New York that carried out this action,” said Dr. Stephen B. Edge, the professor of the operation adn oncology from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York as being quoted from Healthkey, on Wednesday (11/11/2009). Generally the woman who chose to lift his breasts had the story of the family that also had breasts cancer and has been detected positive was affected by the mutation of the gene of breasts cancer (BRCA-1 or BRCA-2).

But according to Edge, that must be known was to not have the guarantee or proof that showed that someone will be healthier by lifting his breasts that were not yet affected by cancer. The “woman who decided to carry out this action must be accompanied by the health consultant,” said Edge. For 11 study years, the researcher found had approximately 5,000 women that did contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. The “amount indeed increased fast, we not want to judged that the action was true or wrong.” But this has become tren that was risky enough.

Very few sides that gave counselling to the woman that the action was risky. They had the possibility 10 until 15 percent were affected by breasts cancer again in the next 20 years, said Edge. Moreover The National Comprehensive Cancer Network that was the centre of the escort and information for cancer then did not have information that was clear about the appointment action of breasts.

A study in 2007 then found the existence fact of the increase in this action, especially to the skinned woman white and the young woman. “We also in fact did not know why this to tren.” Possibly because of the existence of the increase in the awareness of the woman would the genetic risk but also the increase in the technique masektomi in the medical world, said Dr. Todd M. Tuttle, from the University of Minnesota. But with the existence tren this, many women that chose masektomi than did lumpectomy to promote the tumour personally from breasts. “This was very strange.” Is it true that, by carrying out the operation action, recuperation will be faster. It was increasingly fast that the operation, increasingly fast really restoration, but not for breasts cancer, said Todd.

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How measured the characteristics temperamental someone? Through words and the movement of his body then? Evidently had the other method of measuring him, that is by means of glance at sekilas the structure of the face from this person.

Was based on the newest discovery in psychology knowledge, glance at sekilas to the structure of the face someone has been enough to give the picture was as big the level temperamental this person. Beforehand, the grating of the level temperamental was carried out by means of making the comparison between wide and high the face.

The comparison between wide high the face (WHR) was determined by means of measuring the left and right cheek clearance as well as the distance from the upper lip and the middle of the eyebrow. During still childhood, the male child and the woman had the structure of the face that was similar. But after experiencing puberty, the male child will have the WHR value that was bigger than the daughter.

In the research beforehand was known that the male child who had the WHR value big was more temperamental compared with the son that his WHR value was small. For example the player hoki that had the WHR value high received many penalties in the game.

The psychologist Justin M. Carre, Cheryl M. McCormick and Catherine J. Mondloch from Brock University afterwards carried out the trial to see whether could predict the behaviour trend temperamental someone only by seeing the photograph of his face, as being quoted from ScienceDaily, on Wednesday (4/11/2009).

Several participants saw the photograph of the face of several men to determine the behaviour temperamental. On average these participants saw the face in this photograph for 2,000 to 39 milidetik to give the assessment concerning the behaviour temperamental from this face with the scale 1 to 7.

These photographs opened thoughts of participants that the behaviour temperamental really could be connected with the face that was seen, although these participants only saw this picture for 39 milidetik.

His interesting matter was the estimate of these participants had a high correlation with results of the estimate beforehand that used the WHR value where increasingly big WHR then increasingly temperamental.

These results showed that the small or soft difference could in the form of the face influence the assessment of the identity someone. Hoped eventually these results can become the escort someone in responding to the certain individual.

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The nervous and tense feeling made blood vessels narrow and the supply of oxygen to the brain decreased. That that made occasionally someone behaving very strange and illogical during tense. Many strange habits that were carried out to kill tense. When the tense feeling comes, generally the habit that was carried out was to be disappointed or the lip.

The habit like that not the strange matter. Evidently still had the other tense habit that made was stunned. Mary Katharine Gallagher was the normal woman placed his fingers on the previous armpit investigated his armpit smell when the tense feeling came to approach him. “I did not know why I carried him out, this already the habit,” said Gallaghe as being quoted from Jezebel, on Thursday (5/11/2009).

The other strange habit was the habit wore next socks that were done by Molly Shannon. “When tense, I normally wear one sock in foot, and his one again I discarded on the floor,” said Shannon. Not only socks, the strange habit was then carried out when he wore shoes. When one shoe in right him was in foot him, his one still was in the place was separated. Despite strange, but the habit made the feeling of the tension be lost and himself comfortable.

That was more surprising still was the habit of a woman who felt his breasts personally when feeling tense and nervous. “I will at once touch my left chest if the situation began to be tense.” Usually when watching the horror film. By holding breasts, I felt warm and more comfortable, said the woman who did not want to be named by his name.

The nervous and tense feeling could be eliminated with the good respiratory exercise. Moreover, make accustomed drank the pure water that many and listened to music during tense was known could help overcame the feeling.

So, whether your habit in tense time?


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Having the name that was the same as the famous person ought to become the matter that be proud of. But not for a man from England that was named Harry Potter. His name that was the same as the leading figure of the witch Harry Potter made him live in the pressure and stress.

Harry Potter this one not a witch and had not come to Hogwarts. He only a man was 20 years old from Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Had the same name precisely with the leading figure of the famous witch in the film of Harry Potter evidently mebuat his life was shadowed by mockery that made him felt really stress. Potter that was born during 1980 had the life that was calm for 8 years to the end JK Rowling released the novel of Harry Potter and all of them then changed.

“For 12 years, it seems already was not counted again how many friends’s mockery that acknowledged me as the witch,” said Potter as being quoted from Lemondrop, on Wednesday (4/11/2009).

Mockery and the treatment that were obtained by Potter made his life be disrupted and the disorder. According to the Potter acknowledgment, he was the only person in his workplace that might not use his complete name when speaking in the telephone. “If I said the complete name, the client to believed and underestimated me,” he explained.

The life of his love then became very odd. “The first time I went out with a woman, I must show the passport to prove my name was really original,” he said.

The other annoying attitude was the refusal of the bus driver in the place of his office that did not believe his name was Harry Potter and accused him as the swindler. Potter then was not permitted to enter the bus.

Potter days were always filled by mockery from the community to police. And all that because of his name. “Initially, I thought by having the name of Harry Potter could make me more good-looking, but in fact not,” said Potter.

“Now, each one of the person’s times mentioned my name, all of them gave the odd reaction.” Starting from when laughing until having an aggressive attitude, he said. “Occasionally, I thought, if JK Rowling did not use the name that was same for his novel, possibly my life was better,” said Potter. The mother, Tracey Shaw (47 years) had not dreamt the name that was given to his first child to a phenomenon.

“I had not suspected the name of becoming the famous name,” said Shaw. Many people who considered the name that was given by Shaw followed the leading figure Harry Potter in the JK Rowling novel.

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Wisconsin, One more malignant diseases due to bacteria other than MRSA bacteria. No less frightening with MRSA, now comes the terror of the bacteria ‘spirochete’ that causes Lyme disease.

In the United States this bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi, while in Europe named Borrelia afzelii. The disease is spread by fleas that bite the skin and infect the body. Lyme disease is not contagious, but this disease can cause damage to the skin, joints, heart and nervous system.

As experienced by Lauren (20 years) that Lyme disease when visiting family and friends in the area of Wisconsin in 1999 when he was still just emerging adolescent.

Three days after returning, Lauren had a high fever accompanied by chills, fatigue, headache, sensitivity to light and felt pain in the neck, spine and some joints.

At Lauren’s body was found two bite marks called erythema migrans (EM), a distance of 10 cm at the bottom of his left leg. EM is one of the typical diagnostic signs of Lyme disease.

After 5 weeks of treatment, Lauren complained of aches and pains in the knee, wrist and feet. And Lauren face the end of July to deteriorate with the dark circles around his eyes, Lauren is no longer vibrant and active as ever.

The end of November 1999, Lauren did some blood tests called the Lyme antibody titers to check, but the results showed negative. It is estimated that these negative results were false and realize that the immune system control large.

After 6 months of treatment, the doctor was surprised by the fact that Lauren woke up the morning with such pain electrocuted in his right arm, fingers, feet, neck and head. Even the pain that almost makes Lauren could not lift a glass of milk or wash her hair.

Because the pain in the joints allows Lauren to go limp and very slow movements. “I feel very disappointed because it was not strong enough to do fun things with other kids,” Lauren said, as quoted from Canlyme, Monday (2/11/2009).

Lauren was tired with himself, because at the time he was only 12 years old but he felt like a 90-year-old grandmother. Lauren’s current activity is limited to school activities and sleep.

“I do all my homework during lessons or at lunch, because I knew when it was at home I was too tired to do anything,” he said.

Lauren is now used to sleep at 4:30 this afternoon, is very different from old habits that will never go to bed before 10:00 at night.

In the year 2007 is estimated more than 27,000 cases of Lyme disease reported in the United States. Typical symptoms are headache, fatigue and a circular rash around the bite area can reach a diameter of 15 cm. If left untreated, the disease can affect the heart and nervous system and cause joint pain.

Lyme disease is medically described in the first 3 stages of disease characterized by inflammation of the skin around the bite, then the disease spread to the liver and nervous system damage eventually reaches the motor and sensory nerves that can cause inflammation of the brain (meningitis) and rheumatoid arthritis (arthitis) .

If within two to four weeks after suffering early symptoms of the patients treated immediately, then that person can recover completely. “But not everyone can be lucky like that,” said Dr. Paul Auwaerter, direkur infectious disease clinic at John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Auwaerter add a bit difficult to do early detection, because the body needs some time to produce enough antibodies to show the test and have common symptoms that are similar to other diseases.

Diagnossa for this disease is usually based on symptoms ditimbukan and supported by the measurement of antibodies to the bacteria levels in the blood. So the treatment given by oral antibiotics if it is still early stages and through intravenous (blood vessel) if it is an advanced stage or persistent disease.

Because Lyme disease is caused by fleas that bite your body, it is important to keep clean to avoid infestation. Insect sprays can also help protect the environment and use long pants or boots if you want to go where there is a risk that allegedly causes Lyme ticks.

Go always children and pets if there are lice or not, and diligent in washing the skin, head and clothes after traveling to prevent tick bites and the transmission of other diseases.

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Barcelona, How would you react if you suddenly met a stranger who immediately say you get a rare disease? Ignored because people think just idle or check to the doctor? Or is this the so-called anonymous messages?

Strange incident that happened Montse Ventura (55 years), Spanish women are suddenly greeted a mysterious woman who immediately said he akromegali rare disease (the release of growth hormone excess due to benign pituitary tumor / adenoma).

Ventura told at that time he was on his way home by bus. Suddenly, there was a woman who approached him and urged him to visit a doctor and conduct tests akromegali.

“I have never heard of the disease before, and I never knew had the disease,” said Ventura was quoted as saying by the Telegraph, Friday (30/10/2009).

“The woman took out a piece of paper and write down the name and address of the disease clinics can I go for the tests. He also said if I did not get the doctor, my condition could get worse,” said Ventura.

A month later, Ventura was visiting the doctor gynecologist regular customers do check-up. Do not forget, he issued a paper containing the name of a disease he got from the mysterious woman and asked for tests to find out the disease.

It turned out that tests showed a surprising result. Ventura akromegali do have the disease, the disease because of growth hormone abnormalities. “I and the doctor was surprised, so far it never detected,” said Ventura.

Finally, surgery was performed to remove a small tumor on the pituitary gland in the brain which is the source of hormones cause abnormal working.

After the success of operations was announced in newspapers in Spain, the news was known by the mysterious woman. And upon investigation, turned out the woman who called Ventura as a ‘Guardian Angel’ is a doctor endrokinolog age 60 years.

“I immediately hit akromegali diagnose because seeing the size of an unusual hand. Although I am not so sure, but I told him because I am a spontaneous person who is spontaneous. I do not want to keep that fear alone and let him not know anything,” explained a woman anchor message.

Akromegali is a disease of the pituitary gland disorder. The disease is very rare and rare. Still little information obtained about the medical world of this disease.

This disease is progressive, but sufferers often do not realize until the disease actually seen a few years later. Disease formerly known as Marie’s Disease is a disease caused by subtle excess secretion of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

The characteristics of this disease is abnormal bone shape is not elongated but enlarged, causing enlargement of the feet, hands, head, jaw, face and tongue.

Sometimes accompanied by swelling of tissue, usually on the heart. The disease is initially caused by benign tumors that grow in the pituitary gland that cause hypersecretion of growth hormone.

These changes occur slowly, so usually for years are not recognized by the sufferer.

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Sindrom Asperger

Sindrom Asperger (bahasa Inggris: Asperger syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, Asperger’s disorder, Asperger’s atau AS) adalah salah satu gejala autisme di mana para penderitanya memiliki kesulitan dalam berkomunikasi dengan lingkungannya, sehingga kurang begitu diterima. Sindrom ini ditemukan oleh Hans Asperger pada tahun 1944. Sindrom Asperger dibedakan dengan gejala autisme lainnya dilihat dari kemampuan linguistik dan kognitif para penderitanya yang relatif tidak mengalami penurunan, bahkan dengan IQ yang relatif tinggi atau rata-rata (ini berarti sebagian besar penderita sindrom Asperger bisa hidup secara mandiri, tidak seperti autisme lainnya). Sindrom Asperger juga bukanlah sebuah penyakit mental.

Ketika orang berbicara, umumnya mereka menggunakan bahasa tubuh seperti senyuman dan komunikasi nonverbal lainnya, dan juga kata-kata yang dikeluarkan oleh mereka cenderung memiliki lebih dari satu buah makna. Seorang penderita sindrom Asperger memiliki kesulitan untuk memahami bentuk-bentuk komunikasi non-verbal serta kata-kata yang memiliki banyak arti seperti itu, dan mereka hanya memahami apa arti kata tersebut, seperti yang ia pahami di dalam kamus. Para penderita sindrom Asperger tidak mengetahui bagaimana memahami ironi, sarkasme, dan penggunaan bahasa slang, apalagi memahami mimik muka/eskpersi orang lain. Mereka juga tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk bersosialisasi dengan orang lain dan cenderung menjadi pemalu.

Para dokter melihat sindrom Asperger sebagai sebuah bentuk autisme. Seringnya, disebut sebagai “autisme yang memiliki banyak fungsi/high-functioning autism“. Hal ini berarti setiap penderita sindrom Asperger terlihat seperti halnya bukan seorang autis, tetapi ketika dilihat, otak mereka bekerja secara berbeda dari orang lain. Para dokter juga sering mengambil kesimpulan yang salah mengenai sindrom Asperger setelah mendiagnosis penderitanya, dan memvonisnya sebagai pengidap skizofrenia, ADHD, sindrom Tourette ataukelainan mental lainnya.

Bagian otak yang memiliki kaitan untuk melakukan hubungan sosial dengan orang lain juga sebenarnya mengontrol bagaimana tubuh bergerak dan juga keseimbangan tubuh. Karena itu, seorang penderita sindrom Asperger mungkin mengalami masalah yang melibatkan pergerakan tubuh, seperti halnya olah raga, atau bahkan jalan kaki, yang terkadang sering terpeleset. Mereka juga memiliki kebiasaan grogi/nervous.

Para penderita sindrom Asperger cenderung lebih baik dibandingkan orang-orang lain dalam beberapa hal seperti matematika dan hitung-hitungan, tulisan serta pemrograman komputer. Banyak Penderita sindrom Asperger memiliki cara penulisan yang lebih baik dibandingkan dengan cara mereka berbicara dengan orang lain. Mereka juga memiliki sebuah minat yang khusus yang mereka tekuni dan bahkan mereka menekuninya sangat detail, serta mereka justru menemukan hal-hal kecil yang orang lain sering melewatkannya.


Penyakit ini disebabkan urine tikus yang masuk ke tubuh manusia melalui luka, penyakit ini menyebabkan demam tinggi dan nyeri sendi.

Apa itu penyakit leptospirosis (Penyakit Kencing Tikus)?

Penyakit ini disebabkan bakteri leptospira berbentuk spiral yang menyerang hewan dan manusia. Bakteri ini mempunyai ratusan serotipe.

Bagaimana penularannya pada manusia?

Penularan penyakit ini bisa melalui tikus, babi, sapi, kambing, kuda, anjing, serangga, burung, landak, kelelawar dan tupai.

Namun khusus yang terjadi di daerah banjir seperti Jakarta, penularannya melalui air kencing tikus.

Air kencing tikus terbawa banjir kemudian masuk ke dalam tubuh manusia melalui: permukaan kulit yang terluka, selaput lender mata dan hidung (misalnya saat mencuci muka). Bisa juga melalui makanan atau minuman yang terkontaminasi setitik urine tikus yang terinfeksi leptospira, kemudian dimakan dan diminum manusia.

Urine tikus yang mengandung bibit penyakit leptospirosis dapat mencemari air di kamar mandi atau makanan yang tidak disimpan pada tempat yang aman.

Sejauh ini tikus merupakan reservoir (sumber) dan sekaligus penyebar utama penyebab leptospirosis. Beberapa jenis hewan lain (sapi, kambing, domba, kuda, babi, anjing) dapat terserang leptospirosis, tetapi potensi hewan-hewan ini menularkan leptospirosis ke manusia tidak sehebat tikus. Leptospirosis tidak menular langsung dari pasien ke pasien.

Seperti apa gejala-gejala penyakitnya?

Penyakit ini ditandai demam menggigil, pegal linu, nyeri kepala, nyeri tenggorokan, batuk kering, mual, muntah, sampai mencret-mencret.

Orang sering mengira itu gejala masuk angin, flu, atau typhus, sehingga pengobatannya pun tradisional, biasa, seperti dikerok menggunakan uang logam, kemudian dibalur obat gosok dan minum obat sakit kepala.

Bila semakin parah, gejala yang disebut di atas tidak mereda, justru muncul nyeri luar biasa pada sejumlah bagian badan, sehingga membuat penderita tidak sanggup duduk atau berdiri. Jika pada tahapan ini tidak diobati gejala bertambah parah dan tampak lebih khas.

Oleh karena penyakit ini menyerang hati, pada stadium lanjut muncul gejala penyakit kuning. Kulit dan putih mata menjadi kekuningan, selain tampak pula mata merah layaknya sedang sakit mata. Demam, kuning dan mata merah, dianggap khas pada leptosprirosis . Adakalanya terjadi perdarahan. Bunyi para-paru abnormal, dan kemungkinan kulit meruam merah.

Gejala leptospirosis menjadi lebih berat jika tidak diobati atau obatnya salah alamat. Selain komplikasi ke hati menimbulkan gejala penyakit kuning, komplikasi ke selaput otak menimbulkan gejala nyeri kepala, kejang-kejang, leher kaku, dan penurunan kesadaran. Komplikasi ke ginjal umumnya bersifat fatal. Angka kefatalan penyakit leptospirosis mencapai 5 persen, artinya 5 dari setiap 100 kasus bisa tewas.

Siapa saja yang rentan tertular?

Lazimnya penyakit ini terjadi di daerah pertanian dan menyerang kelompok orang tertentu (occupational disease), seperti petani yang bekerja di sawah, pekerja perkebunan, pekerja rumah potong hewan, serta pekerja lain yang selalu kontak langsung dengan urine maupun jaringan hewan seperti dokter hewan, pekerja laboratorium, mantri hewan.

Penularan leptospirosis pada petani dapat dimengerti karena tikus sawah umumnya tinggal di pematang sawah sehingga urine tikus tersebut mencemari air sawah dan menulari petani lewat luka atau goresan kulit sewaktu mempersiapkan sawah untuk menanam padi.

Risiko kematian akibat penyakit ini?

Angka kematian akibat leptospirosis tergolong tinggi, mencapai 2,5 sampai 16,45 persen atau rata-rata 7,1 persen. Bahkan pada penderita berusia di atas 50 tahun, risiko kematian lebih besar, bisa mencapai 56 persen. Pada penderita yang sudah mengalami kerusakan hati yang ditandai selaput mata berwarna kuning, risiko kematian akibat leptospirosis lebih tinggi lagi.


Kalau Anda terserang leptospirosis, itu bukan berarti akhir dari segalanya. Leptospirosis bukan penyakit ganas. Obatnya mudah didapat dan murah. Hanya saja di awal-awal kasusnya mungkin luput didiagnosis.

Selain antibiotika golongan penicilline, kuman juga peka terhadap streptomycine, chloramphenicol dan erythromycine. Harga jenis antibiotika klasik ini tergolong tidak tinggi, selain mudah didapat, bahkan di Puskesmas sekali pun.

Jika diobati selagi masih dini, prognosis leptospirosis umumnya baik. Bisa lain nasib pasien jika terapi terlambat diberikan. Sudah disebut komplikasi leptospirosis paling jelek jika sudah merusak ginjal, selain hati, dan otak.

Langkah pencegahan yang bisa dilakukan?

Antara lain dengan menjaga kebersihan lingkungan. Tempat-tempat yang kemungkinan bisa dijadikan tempat bersarangnya tikus, segera dibersihkan agar tak ada tempat sedikitpun untuk berkembangbiaknya bakteri leptospira yang mematikan.

Kuman leptospira ini mampu bertahan hidup bulanan di air dan tanah, dan mati oleh desinfektans seperti lisol. Maka upaya “lisolisasi” seluruh permukaan lantai, dinding, dan bagian rumah yang diperkirakan tercemar air kotor banjir yang mungkin sudah berkuman leptospira, dianggap cara mudah dan murah mencegah “mewabah”-nya leptospirosis.

Selain sanitasi sekitar rumah dan lingkungan, hygiene perorangannya dilakukan dengan menjaga tangan selalu bersih . Selain terkena air kotor , tangan tercemar kuman dari hewan piaraan yang sudah terjangkit penyakit dari tikus atau hewan liar. Hindari berkontak dengan kencing hewan piaraan.

Biasakan memakai pelindung, seperti sarung tangan karet sewaktu berkontak dengan air kotor, pakaian pelindung kulit, beralas kaki, memakai sepatu bot, terutama jika kulit ada luka, borok, atau eksim. Biasakan membasuh tangan sehabis menangani hewan, ternak, atau membersihkan gudang, dapur, dan tempat-tempat kotor.